GreatAmerica had the privilege to be a sponsor of the Spring 2015 OPDA Meeting. Like most vendors, we attend many events every year where we have opportunities to interact with partners. There are three things that stand out in my about OPDA: 1) Access 2) Involved 3) Value. We had many social settings available to us where we had fully access to all the attendees. Many times it’s the informal times where you are able to have deep discussion about the partners business. During the formal presentation, I was extremely impressed by how involved everyone was with the discussion. Many times we give presentation where the partners have laptops open sending emails, that was NOT the case with OPDA. Finally the value was excellent when you consider what we paid in exchange for the access and involvement of the group. I hope we are invited to participate in the future.

Greg VanDeWalker

Sr Vice President and General Manager – CDG GreatAmerica Financial Services

On April 16, WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.  arrived in Winter Park, FL to participate in the 3 day OPDA event.  The OPDA organization is a group of channel solution partners that meet to discuss what business owners like them need most in today’s environment, a strong-unbiased sounding platform to offer their customers.   In addition to the numerous networking opportunities that arose from this event with the many partners at this activity, WatchGuard was granted the opportunity to present at the event.  David Vance, Territory Channel Account Manager, gave a presentation entitled “Combating the Next Generation of Advanced Malware”.  In addition to the presentation by WatchGuard, Kevin Bachert from WatchGuard was also present to engage the audience and to answer questions about WatchGuard solutions and the WatchGuardONE Partner Program.  WatchGuard has attended this event previously and values the relationships it has gained through this association as an educator and provider of security solutions to the channel industry and business owners.


David Vance

WatchGuard Technologies

Freedom Voice

It has been a pleasure working the OPDA group over the last several years.  Their meetings are always very well planned, with ample opportunity to discuss mutual business opportunity, as well as excellent social events.  The dinners and golf are always a great time.

Chris A. J. Sterbenc

Vice President of Sales

How do I describe OPDA to others?  It is advice that you KNOW you can TRUST!  I attend meetings and each time I come away from those meetings I wonder can I trust what I just heard, do I believe it to be true, do I bet my business future on someone I don’t know?  OPDA members become more than business associates, they become friends in fact they become the people I trust to help me drive BECA.

If you could only attend 2 meetings a year I think this is the one I pick!

Mike Estep

OPDA Member

Being a member of OPDA Technology Alliance has been an enriching and rewarding experience for both myself and my company.  The advice and guidance that members offer to each other and the sharing of experiences has helped me both professionally and personally.  OPDA is a unique mix of business owners across the county willing to share ideas and solutions for the benefit of the whole group.

Gary Ellis

President – BPI Information Systems