OPDA Technology Alliance | 2022 Annual Spring Meeting April 28-30, 2022

Mokara Hotel and Spa
212 W. Crockett St.
San Antonio, TX 78205

OPDA Technology Alliance | 2023 Annual Spring Meeting, 2023


General Conference Details

OPDA currently conducts two (2) group meetings each year:
Spring – this 3-day conference is held at a resort facility in the March – May timeframe each year. Vendor sponsors (3 – 5) are invited to participate and are charged a “sponsor fee” to defray group expenses such as food & beverages, recreation, etc… Most members bring their spouses or guests to this “casual” event…their attendance at meetings is not required.
Fall – we conduct an “In/Out” meeting in Chicago (normally in November) where we address a tight list of business-specific topics, sometimes with the assistance of targeted vendors, followed by private group discussions of other important issues effecting our businesses. Meetings begin at 1pm on Thursday afternoon and conclude mid-Friday afternoon…dinner is normally hosted by an invited vendor sponsor who agrees to this expense as his cost to attend our meeting.


Formal agendas are always prepared in advance of these meetings after soliciting input from all members as to “what they want to address” in our group discussions. Topics can include new products/technologies, vendor critiques, operating issues and other pertinent discussions that will produce concrete ideas to assist the members when they return home to their businesses. Members who have experienced success with a particular product or service are invited to share the specific details of their programs with the membership…in other cases, specific vendors are invited to present their products and any OPDA-specific discounts or special offers that may apply based on our group purchasing capabilities (note: OPDA is not responsible for purchasing any orders on behalf of any members).


“Targeted” vendors are invited to participate in OPDA conferences and meetings based on input from the membership regarding their technology and the opportunities it affords the membership to grow their businesses. The sponsorship fee for the Spring Conference is currently $6,000 which entitles the vendor to receive a 50-minute “presentation slot” on the agenda as well as an invitation to “mix & mingle” with OPDA’s member-CEO’s during all group functions.
The biggest reasons for a vendor to decide to sponsor an OPDA meeting are revenue growth and market penetration…OPDA’s combined purchasing power exceeds $100 million per year and all members operate successful service operations that insure “Best of Breed” representation for their vendors. The audience at OPDA’s meetings is comprised of CEO’s and key decision makers from every member dealership.