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Membership Directors

In order to help you meet someone closer to your primary geographic location we have selected key members geographically to help with any information requests that our website can’t provide.  As President of the OPDA Technology Alliance, I am always available to help and answer any questions.

Jim Kramer | President | OPDA

Executive Leadership

OPDA is driven by the membership, but every two years we elect a President, Vice President, and Treasurer to serve as the groups’ collective voice for our meetings and work with manufacturers so we have a united voice.

Current OPDA Leadership

Jim Kramer, President

Ken Zimmer, Vice President

Gary Ellis, Treasurer


Previous OPDA Presidents continue to serve in an advisory role as Executive Vice Presidents.

Gary Ellis

Bob Parsons

Clay Hales

Darren McBride

Tim Tragesser

Alvin Myers

Jack Gerbs


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