About Us

OPDA is a group of privately held technology businesses that work together to create “business sounding boards” for each other.  The organization controls membership so that there are no competing companies within the group. As a result, each member can participate as part of the group and feel free to openly discuss business issues with fellow business owners and senior leadership of OPDA organizations.

The organization focuses on helping the business owner and senior leadership of our membership companies with an open sharing platform offering advice and support as those companies determine their futures.

Topics that are very common in our conversations:

  • Most profitable services products
  • Most profitable hardware & software products
  • Best practice conversations around employee retention, compensation and recruiting
  • Best organizations to partner with

Annual meetings are a mix of sponsors who showcase the latest in IT technology along with member presentations discussing their business successes and failures.

The OPDA group has memberships with a wide variety of technology focus.  Current members have specialties as cloud providers, managed service providers, hardware resellers, software resellers, manufacturer services, custom software and brand identification.  OPDA is a mix of members throughout the United States.


Learn more about the membership benefits of OPDA here.